This world is mainly inhabited by humans, then dwarfs and elves, then other humanoids like orcs, gnomes, halflings, ect. In the campaigns on this world, what you do will effect future campaigns ran on this world, even if you yourself doesn’t play in future or past campaigns. A warning for all of those who enter and play inside this world. There is much history fulled of war, betrayal, alliances and enemies alike. People who seem nice, can be a mob boss; people can and will lie, cheat, steal, murder, and do many other wrong doings to each other (NPC’s) and to the player. There is a racial bias held by many, and it effects how some are treated, either by price, information, tactics, tone, and quests given. But fret not, because not all the citizens of this world are like this . There are places where bias’s are looked down upon, where it doesn’t matter where you came from or what you look like. Sadly, these safe heavens are not as abundant as one would like, they are there. In these troubling times, people will remember what has been done to them, they will hold grudges or have high opinions depending on actions. How the player acts can either penalize them, or reward them. A player can get a bounty on them that lasts until they are out of that bounties jurisdictions be whatever they may be.

There is a 12 month calendar:
January-Gumani 30
February-Yunera 30
March-Cenara 29
April-Yiven 30
May-Nedel 30
June-Zesfey 31
July-Zumez 29
August-Shuthot 30
September-Towyn 31
October-Fera 30
November-Ronis 32
December-Lilear 30